Having suffered from anxiety and depression since childhood, mental health issues are close to my heart because feeling the world too much can hurt pretty badly. There is nothing wrong with our personalities that we behave or feel different from the others, more emotional or more aggressive, it is the mental illness that we are suffering from. At the age of 21, I eventually realized that things were not right when I went through a major mental breakdown, the suffocating pressure on my chest was overwhelming, the tears were uncontrollable. I took the brave first step of seeking treatment from a psychiatrist and a counselor, and my life took a 180 degree change. Even though I have not fully freed myself from the shadow of mental illnesses, life could not have been better now because I know that I am worthy of all the struggles and fights, that I can live a normal life.

This webpage cannot replace professional mental health consultation, but I hope that it can make your day better. Seek help, you will see hope and the reason to keep going!

Source: Befrienders Muar

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